New design or legacy code

Database design, modifying or improving legacy code.

I´ll help you get database stuff done.

Database design.

Allow me to assist you in crafting the database your systems require. With my extensive experience in system design and enterprise solutions, I am well-equipped to be your go-to resource for this task. Having navigated through numerous challenges and pitfalls, I’m adept at helping you steer clear of common obstacles, ensuring a smoother development process.

Business logic.

Engage me in shaping the business logic for your applications. With a wealth of experience in writing and comprehending millions of lines of code that enforce business rules, I bring invaluable expertise to the table. Leveraging specialized tools and extensive experience, I can expedite the creation of T-SQL code with precision and efficiency.

Need to handle data to/from others?

I’ve harnessed SSIS and various integration tools to adeptly handle the movement and transformation of data from diverse sources. If your integration needs surpass the capabilities of SQL Server, I’ll explore alternative avenues to seamlessly transmit, receive, or manipulate data, ensuring a robust and flexible solution.