I´ll help you optimize SQL code and provide tools to write code more effectively.

bring your performance and code quality to a new level

There is always something that needs tuning.

I will undoubtedly identify performance issues in your SQL Server, and I can assist you in resolving them.

I can help your developers become more efficient and write more accurate code.

Let’s solve Problems

How I Can Help You …

SQL Server optimization

I´ll help you identify performance issues in design, code and settings in your SQL Server databases. I offer low-cost analysis of databases and provide an estimate to eliminate as many problems as possible.

SQL Developer efficiency boost

I have created tools to assist your developers in writing code more efficiently while ensuring that the code they produce aligns with the structure of the database objects and properties.

Brothers in arms

Check out my list of other dba´s, SQL gurus that I admire and follow on a a daily basis.

Jeeves ERP adaptations

I´v worked for the biggest consultant firms delivering state of the art adaptations for Jeeves ERP.


I done my share of prompting and might have some tips for you up my sleeve.

All sorts of system devlopment

SQL, Javascript, JQuery, C#, VB-Net, VB6, VB3, VBA, VbScript.

Micael Uthas

SQL Nerd

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I got some great stories.