enhance jeeves usability

I create better user experience and effect in Jeeves.

My enterprise experience combined with years of customizing Jeeves give your enterprise an edge.

GUI customizations.

Drawing from my diverse background in various enterprise roles, I possess a deep understanding of users’ needs and pain points. This enables me to effectively communicate ideas and collaborate on different design concepts aimed at enhancing users’ daily workflow. By leveraging this understanding, I can facilitate discussions that lead to the development of solutions tailored to address specific user requirements and optimize productivity.

Bussines logics.

Armed with a vast repository of millions of lines of code spanning various languages and platforms, I possess the capability to develop solutions for a wide array of challenges. Whether it’s utilizing Jeeves Macros, T-SQL, crafting Windows applications, developing and implementing Windows services, or employing VB-Script, I’m equipped to tackle any task you present. Simply provide me with the problem at hand, and I’ll deliver a tailored solution to address it effectively.


I’m proficient in a variety of reporting tools, including Jeeves Template Editor, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting (RDLC), Excel, and Power BI. Whether your organization requires standard or customized reports, I can adeptly design and create them using the most suitable tool for your specific needs. From formatting to data visualization, I’ll ensure the reports meet your requirements and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.